A creative lesson I've recently learned is to Welcome, Embrace, and Flourish with change.

Lately my mind's been overwhelmed with positive & negative thoughts on how I want to tackle certain things as a creative.

I've hit different stages of conscious thinking, whether it's questioning, wanting to explore new creative avenues, and criticizing my work depending on what I'm going through at a certain point in my life.

A constant ramble of I want, need, should, could, would, and why's...but never did I ever think about the simplicity of BEING. In order to transcend our conscious minds into experiencing self-love & acceptance with whatever we do...we should just be.
Be in the moment. Welcome embrace, and flourish with changes. When we practice that, I find we don't seek validation in different venues of our life. We can’t predict the future, so just be in the moment.

You change with life experiences. Who are we to limit ourselves to what we can do and what we should do? Why do we have the need to apologize for expressing oneself, for showing vulnerability, or having to answer to everyone else on why we have to do things according to this and that? No one knows the answer. If you think you do, you’re lying.

I guess what I'm trying to say is it's okay to go off the "path" and explore as many things as you want as long as you know what your true intention or goal is.

Everything that I strive to do leads to one ultimate goal that I've always felt a calling as a child, to help others. To listen, empathize, and inspire those who are in the dark. Who need compassion and light in their life. I'm so grateful to those who shed light on me in all aspects in my life when they didn’t realize how much it impacted me.

We are all interconnected. Each action we do in some shape or form affects others like a grapevine.

Find your own rhythm and flow. It might not make sense to others, but it's not supposed to. That's part of a soul's journeys. It's unique.

Not sure if any of this made sense, but when I write things - it's a message for those who need it and will connect with it. Also don’t be surprised if you see me trying new things. Much ❤️

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