“You can choose to be a person who has resulted simply, from what has happened, or from what you’ve chosen to be and do about what has happened.”

There’s a difference between being and doing when it comes to experiencing different aspects of our life to shape who we are or finding out “purpose”. Sometimes we do it unconsciously or consciously, sometimes we are aware or unaware. Our minds are constantly filled with old thoughts or someone else’s thoughts seeking validation, approvals, or ideas on how we should define what it means to be happy or successful. Why is it we’re so open on making someone else’s ideas ours rather than listening to our own experiences? It’s different for everyone, and we shouldn’t compare, judge, or punish ourselves when it comes to creating ourselves.

Sometimes finding ourselves is a journey to be done alone, without approval from others, without needing a reward, or even notice. Life’s experiences aren’t performance based. It’s about creating it.

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