when was the last time you had time to be with yourself? time to figure out who you are? time to rest your body and mind? time to discover new interests or practice hobbies you had to set aside? Time to improve your health? a long time.

i believe that we are going through one of the biggest shifts and awakenings that is needed. these periods of quarantine / lockdown / isolation are teaching us lessons. lessons about ourselves and what really matters in this 3D world - who we are, how to be compassionate, new views on relationships, and faith. Being more in tune with our 5D selves.

how many times have you experienced going a job you hate, putting on different personas / masks in order to please others and feel accepted or validated, saying you’ll put time aside to work on your passions but procrastinate / held back by fears, focusing on your health, realize what type of relationships and people you’ve surrounded yourself with whether toxic or healthy, and so much more. i can understand that being isolated and stuck with yourself can seem like the worst thing ever, but i view this as a blessing in disguise to those who need to figure themselves out and heal. We’re not use to it, and because we don’t know how to cope—we self-destruct.

we’re so caught up in the busy day-to-day world that we have become so attached to materialism and our screens. we’re constantly glued to our phones that we have forgotten how to be in the present, how to be around nature, how to appreciate the time we have with loved ones.

have you noticed how many birds have been flying and singing around the city since the pandemic? How the planet has been cleaning itself? have you ever noticed the sound the rustling of trees or the rain makes? it’s the simple things we’ve forgotten to appreciate and do. on how to share compassion instead of striking each other down.

the real riches aren’t what you posses. the real riches are what you become. instead of asking yourself who you need to be, ask yourself who do you want to be? i understand there are so many fears and bad things happening, but i ask you to look at things in a different light. we have the time to! pray for one another❤️
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