these past few months have been the darkest moments where i had to battle myself and heartbreak. it felt as if i was drowning within my own fears and toxic energy. i had a misconception of what darkness meant. i thought that it involved sad endings, depression, and negative outcomes, but what i didn’t realize was the beautiful outcome under the ashes in discovering what I truly want, who i am, what my beliefs are, and who i chose to surround myself with.

i became depressed where when i looked into the mirror, i’d see an empty vessel with black eyes looking back at me. the feeling of nothingness. it’s as if i was completely losing myself to the point where i wanted to latch to any emotion, even if it was negative. i didn’t want to lose myself. It became painful to look at my reflection.

but through this i found the true meaning of unconditional love for ONESELF.

i decided to change the definition of my work. i want to be of service and converse with others’ souls in order to help them unlock their true essence. i will be here to listen, inspire, and transcend stories above all the superficial layers and stigmas that society has created. I want to peel away masks we tend to hide behind in order to feel socially accepted. i want to help others find that drive and passion for purpose.

i’m starting off with personal projects called, “who am i,” where i will be showcasing all the parts about me. the 2nd project will be called, “who are you?” where i will be connecting with people in order to share their essence & stories through my art. the 3rd project is my long term goal - showcasing emotions from people of all ages, culture, genders, etc. in an art gallery. I want to have sections where i will show how fear, depression, happiness, ptsd, heartbreak, freedom look like to others. all emotions. i want to show that we’re connected regardless of how we manage emotions. we all need compassion, love, & forgiveness.

i wanted to say thank you to my family, friends, and Sumac fam for all the love! idk where i’d be without you all. i am eternally grateful and BEYOND excited. i love you all!
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